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Managed Services

Fast. Simple. Cost effective.

Managed Services

Ahead of the Competition

Verifone Managed Services are the simplest, most effective way to stay ahead of an ever-changing payment industry. Reap the benefits of partnering with the global leader that offers the complete managed solution.

Web-based and Wireless

There’s no faster, easier way to stay up-to-date than the cloud. Our Managed Services ensure that every device will have the base files and firmware, software and apps it needs. Verifone's Managed Services include consolidated web-based transaction processing — from traditional retail to e-commerce — using a secure, web-based interface.

VX Direct

Remotely activate NFC/Contactless or EMV capabilities. Verifone remote key loading allows you to exchange or load new keys in devices — without taking them out of the lanes. VX Direct combines a powerful VX device with the latest payment applications, automatic updates, unmatched security protection and robust estate management capabilities through Verifone HQ or VeriCentre.