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PAYware Transact
Enterprise Payment Software

Comprehensive Control of Your Payment Transactions

An Enterprise-Level Payment Solution that Keeps You in Control

Consolidate and streamline payments from different sources without sacrificing speed or security with PAYware Transact, our point-of-sale software. This retailer-hosted PC payment system empowers you to control your entire payment infrastructure and easily accommodates increased transaction volume. 

  • Consolidate payments from various payment devices, locations and front-end environments
  • Scalable to grow as your business grows
  • Adheres to PCI security standards and protects cardholder data 

Our PC point-of-sale system meets all PCI cardholder payment security standards and is Payment Application Data Security Standards 1.2 (PA-DSS 1.2) validated.

Speed and Security

Streamline transaction processing with our PC POS system's automatic settlement or manual scheduling. Manage specific batches or individual transactions as needed. PAYware Transact shields POS applications from transmitting or storing cardholder data by passing only payment commands from the PC POS to the payment engine.

Flexible and Scalable

PAYware Transact is a PC payment software that is platform and database independent. It supports multiple operating systems and has been certified to work with most major payment processors. The system easily scales as your transaction volume grows.

 Business Tools

The simplified PC point-of-sale interface makes real-time transaction and audit reporting easy to manage. Customize reports to meet your needs. A development kit lets you customize your PC payment solution and create additional functionality.

Enhanced Features Available

PAYware Transact PC POS software is available in Standard edition or Premier edition, which includes a number of additional features. Premier users can add VeriShield Protect for end-to-end, format-preserving data encryption that's transparent to systems and networks. 




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