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Track Records and Maintain Statistics


Stay informed with Verifone's LogARithm™  ̶  a PC-based logging record tracking application, consisting of two components: a client and a server.

The client component displays collected statistics as well as any configurable statistical thresholds. It receives and processes logging from the network and saves records in a CSV text file or SQL Server database.  The server component is capable of handling volumes of up to 50 million records a day. In addition to its record tracking capability, LogARithm provides a number of management and monitoring tools based on the received information and a user interface for viewing collected statistics and monitoring configurable statistical thresholds.

Fast Performance

The server is capable of handling volumes of up to 50 million records a day, depending on the speed and performance of the underlying hardware and CPU.

Built on framework that relies on standards and industry experience.

Real-time Processing

The server maintains a separate statistic database based on records that it collects and a viewable list of received records as they are processed.

The client interface displays collected statistics as well as configurable statistical thresholds.

Client/server architecture provides comprehensive activity and performance statistics as well as pop-up messages and configurable email alerts.

Secure Environment

Client users can be authorized for all networks or a single network.

A separate client application provides the capability of displaying statistics based on

the received records.