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Easy, Speedy Payment for Bus or Subway

With TransitPAY, bus and subway riders can use standard contactless payments for speed and ease when using public transportation systems. TransitPAY includes Verifone's EMV Certified Gen3 contactless/NFC reader - ruggedly designed for public transit buses and subways. Transactions are processed by PCI PED 2.0-certified MX 700 payment devices.

TransitPAY meets the strict security compliance requirements of the payment industry with an Open Payment Fare Collection systems architecture. TransitPAY supports today's fare payments with a secure, open system solution that is future-proof, ensuring it will meet the changing needs of the payments industry. TransitPAY's powerful MX 700 base terminal supports non-payment functions such as Bus Tracking and Customer Information Systems and On-Bus Communication Manager.

Key Benefits:

Pay by Card for Bus or Subway

TransitPAY comes with a ruggedized payments reader specifically designed for use in transit environments. TransitPAY Bus includes customized control units, wireless modems for always-on payment processing and optional GPS tracking for improved fleet management.

Lots of Passengers, Low Cost

Help transit agencies and authorities cost-effectively convert from a closed-loop to an open fare-collection system. Riders can quickly and easily pay with a wave or tap of almost any contactless card or NFC-enabled phone.

Meets Industry Standards; Multiple Configurations

Transactions are processed by PCI PED 2.0-certified MX 700 payment devices. TransitPAY supplies the outstanding processing power and memory needed to drive full-motion color video when optional display is attached.

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