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Smart Fuel Controller

Raise Your Pump’s I.Q.

Integrating your forecourt with your POS will not only enhance interface manage­ment, but also speed up the customer transaction process with faster dispens­er and card authorization, faster graph­ics load times and faster receipt printing.

By supporting multiple POS platforms at the same site, the Smart Fuel Controller raises the intelligence of your whole site system, making it easier to manage through integrated fleet and retail sales analysis.

Key Benefits:

Faster Transactions and System Performance

With Flash memory and RAM you can end pre-pay authorization delay, speeding up your customers’ fuel transactions.

Single, Smart, Integrated Device

By combining both pump and pay point support into a single, small unit, this wall-mountable device will take up less space in your office.

Improved Site Information Management

Back-office management becomes easier when you’re able to speed up price changes, fuel pump authorizations and all end-of-day close processes.

Next Steps: