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Move Thousands of Transactions – Quickly, Securely and Accurately

With the right networking hardware technology and communications infrastructure, businesses can deliver the performance, speed, security, reporting capabilities and data capacity to quickly move thousands of transactions. Verifone's IntelliNAC delivers electronic transactions to support the high-density, multi-function of multiple payment environments.

IntelliNAC offers the next generation networking and a communications infrastructure necessary to achieve connectivity within the POS environment. It supports Hot Swap functionality for expansion of deployed products without interrupting current operations and supports Logging Records to provide details about payment transactions. IntelliNAC also manages security levels to support multi-zone data encryption and the secure movement of thousands of transactions.

Download the white paper:
IntelliNAC: Reduce PCI Scope with Intelligent Network Access Window Open

Key Benefits:

Expandable and Manageable

Easy migration – carries forward legacy NAC support from dial to Ethernet. Network operator can mix and match dial and Ethernet transactions within a single, common platform.

Flexible and Secure

Encrypts and transmits transactions virtually instantaneously with Secure Socket Layer technology. Connects directly to Internet and acts as a firewall to protect POS Host connections.

Fast and Reliable Performance

Powerful transaction routing and load balancing functions for reliable performance even at high volumes.

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