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GPS Vehicle Tracking And Mapping

Value-Added Features for Enhanced Customer Service

Continuously track vehicles in route to enhance management and let riders know exact arrival times. With Verifone TransitPAY, real-time GPS tracking and mapping lets you update customers through your website, a mobile app or SMS texts. This added convenience allows riders to maximize their time doing what they want, instead of waiting around for their bus or train to arrive.

  • Better manage your fleet through GPS, hardware and wireless communications
  • Track critical details of route times, locations and resource allocations
  • Maximum PCI Compliance and Rider Cardholder Security

TransitPAY is currently being used by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Transit.


Rugged, reliable and secure - Verifone's innovative TransitPAY brings the speed and ease of Contactless and NFC, GPS bus tracking, Customer Information Systems, On-Bus Communication Manager and more.

PAYware Mobile Enterprise

Collect fares wherever, whenever. Verifone's PAYware Mobile Enterprise combines the capabilities of an iPod touch® with Verifone's secure card encryption reader for fast, easy payment acceptance. With its PIN pad and integrated bar code scanner, transactions are faster, efficiency is boosted and revenue opportunities are endless.

VX 680

Ideal for settings where speed, mobility and durability are essential – the world’s smallest, full-function, portable handheld device offers integrated contactless and a vivid, large color touch screen. 

VeriShield Total Protect

Verifone's industry-leading security solutions protect customer cardholder data from the instant a card is swiped, tapped or waved. From the payment device until the transaction is processed, you can have the peace of mind of knowing sensitive data is safe and sound - while reducing the burden of PCI DSS scope at the same time.

MX 700

Verifone's MX 700 is ideal for any unattended payment application and combines an encrypting PIN pad with vivid color video that securely, brilliantly processes all transactions, even in the harshest outdoor environments.