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Fleet Management

Efficiently Manage Your Vehicle Fleet Operations

Handle More Fares with Fewer Resources

Our limo, livery and taxi fleet management system enhances productivity and profitability by unifying in-vehicle equipment and operations. Fleet management capabilities such as computerized dispatch, real-time monitoring, vehicle tracking and faster card processing work together so you can take more fares with less effort.   

  • Computerized limo, livery and taxi dispatch is modular and customizable
  • eFleet management tools provide real-time vehicle monitoring and dashboard visibility
  • Fleet management compliance and enforcement features are easy to use and understand 

Compliance and reporting are necessary parts of doing business. Our limo, livery and taxi fleet management software takes away the guesswork and makes it easy, so you can focus your time on growing your business.

Computerized Limo, Livery & Taxi Dispatch

Simplify, enhance accuracy and enhance efficiency of dispatch. Monitor vehicle location, enable passenger self-service reservation, and provide quick credit card authorizations. A single integrated and scalable fleet management platform enables you to integrate as much flexibility and functionality as you need. 

eFleet Provides Visibility to Operations

Turnkey fleet management reporting provides a total view of your operations. In-vehicle equipment meters, navigation systems and smart monitors continually share information such as vehicle status, trip/fare activity and scheduling with the remote eFleet host site. View real-time limo, livery or taxi monitoring information via a customized dashboard at either a detailed or a higher level for management of fleet information and assets. eFleet unites all the touchpoints in the taxi business into one platform.

Compliance and Enforcement

We know what data is required at both federal and local levels, and our fleet management system simplifies the process of collecting and archiving this information. This makes reporting easier and saves you time and hassle. There are also various training opportunities, whether online, print or in-house. 


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