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Taxi Digital and Traditional Media

Branding and Engagement for Your Taxi Passengers

Taxi Media Solutions Engage Taxi Passengers

Engage, entertain and inform taxi passengers while boosting brand awareness using our taxi media solutions. Provide multimedia content, news and even in-taxi advertising through the Passenger Information Monitor (PIM). 

  • Provide an entertaining and interactive ride for passengers
  • Provide convenience of quick and secure self-service card payments
  • Provide advertising opportunities for third parties

The Passenger Information Monitor is a one-device taxi media and payment solution for travel and local information, entertainment and secure payment acceptance. Now advertisers can enhance passengers' experience with their brand at optimized times and locations.

Traditional OOH Taxi Tops and Wraps

Reach the hard-to-reach in major metros with out-of-the-ordinary out-of-home. Whether you’re a national or local buyer, our dynamic advertising solutions will deliver your message with maximum impact.

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Captivate a Captive Audience with VNET TAXI TV

Passengers can enjoy various media content including news, commercials, promotions, videos and even a selection of content that the rider selects. You have the opportunity to increase each vehicle's income with optional taxi advertising delivered through the PIM. Third party advertisers can offer hyper-targeted Taxi TV advertising content based on actual location and even the time of day. For example, tourists from the airport might see in-taxi advertisements promoting attractions or local restaurants.

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