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Taxi Solutions

Enhancing Taxi Fare Payment Opportunities

Taxi Payment Convenience and Security; Fleet Management Improvements

Taxi fleet owners across the U.S. are implementing new taxi payment solutions and opportunities to enhance the rider experience as well as their own business efficiency. Behind the scenes, they're enhancing fleet operational efficiency. In the cab, they're providing secure transactions and even entertainment to their fares. Easily monitor the fleet regardless of size and even enable digital entertainment and streams from advertisers looking to reach a captive audience or leverage a "mobile billboard" outside the vehicle. 

  • Secure and convenient taxi payment transactions
  • Interactive and entertaining cab rides for passengers
  • Efficient fleet management and monitoring
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting

Providing automated solutions for efficiency, convenience, security and fleet management is how Verifone helps taxi fleets of all sizes. Entertain customers with interactive payment-enabled media including VNET / Taxi TV or even lottery ticket purchases. Embrace taxi payment solutions conveniently and with peace of mind that passenger credit card data is secure. Remove yourself from compliance worries and the business of taxi POS security.

Integrated solutions help fleet owners become efficient operators with systems that connect in-cab equipment with fleet management. Secure card payment, navigation and dispatch equipment unites with the fleet office giving you a total view of revenues, fleet efficiency and vehicle operation. One-stop shopping for peripherals such as lighting, partitions and other accessories offers convenience. Plus, Verifone can recommend ways to maximize each cab's revenue. Paid digital advertising entertains passengers on the inside with news, ads or other content. Grab attention from the outside with advertisers' graphics and vehicle wrapping. 



Never miss a fare. With a taxi POS terminal, passengers without cash can ride conveniently. This can also lead to bigger tips. Learn More

Payment Transaction Security

Less cash in the cab means less opportunity for theft. POS transactions are encrypted and funds are transferred quickly to drivers' accounts. Learn More

Digital and Traditional Media

Engage, entertain and inform passengers, and create brand awareness with VNET / Taxi TV. Learn More

Improved Fleet Management

Streamline dispatch, improve operational efficiency and enhance analytics with turnkey fleet management tools. Learn More

Support Services

From system design and implementation to training and hosting centers, we make it easy to incorporate taxi POS solutions. Learn More



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