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Fortified Security

Always One Step Ahead

Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers

Security has always been at the core of our technology. This extensive experience makes us the leader in electronic transactions and card security. You can be assured our banking solutions are designed for the total protection of your customers' data and more than meet the latest industry security requirements.

  • Security Above and Beyond
  • Fast, Accurate Customer Identification and Automation
  • Electronic Signature Capture

And when it comes to customer identification and authentication, our solutions are fast, secure and dependable, which keeps lines moving and your customers smiling.

Security Above and Beyond

No one takes security more seriously than Verifone. And in this day and age, there is no room for compromise. Be assured that our security solutions provide your bank with reduced PCI scope and compliance costs while ensuring the ultimate protection of your customers' cardholder data.

Fast, Accurate Customer Identification and Automation

With our dynamic customer-facing devices, your customers can now swipe, dip or touch a card to instantly and securely identify themselves. This gives your employees a more efficient and effective way to serve your customers like reviewing disclosure information and capturing signatures on forms.

Electronic Signature Capture

Speed up processing new account, loan and disclosure documents with our electronic signature capture enabled devices. You'll reduce branch and back office costs and have the ability to increase security with biometric signature data.