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Credit Card Data Encryption & Tokenization

Simplify Compliance, Improve Monitoring and Reporting

Although security threats continue to change, your need to keep your systems secure does not. Our data encryption and credit card tokenization techniques enable you to focus your resources more on your core business, and less on security of devices, data and PCI DSS Compliance. 

  • Simplify compliance monitoring
  • Significantly reduce PCI DSS scope
  • Rest easy with cost-effective and flexible key management 

Our data encryption and tokenization security solutions and services provide the ability to quickly and remotely monitor devices and reduce the time and effort for compliance.

Simplify Compliance Monitoring

Rely on colorful, easy-to-read dashboards and real-time code alerts to stay compliant at all times. Verify the security status of every device in real time to identify problems or detect rogue devices. Sensitive data isn't collected to avoid that point of vulnerability. Any issues are immediately flagged and categorized.


Reduce PCI DSS Compliance Scope

With our data encryption and tokenization techniques, you never have access to in-the-clear data. Cardholder data is encrypted right when it’s swiped. The PAN is tokenized, then that token is sent to you for future reference. This credit card tokenization removes another point of vulnerability. Our process meets all 14 of Visa’s Best Practices for Data Field Encryption.

Remote Key Management

Reduce the cost of key management without compromising estate security. Our data encryption and tokenization security technology allows you to monitor and perform key management tasks remotely. Protect sensitive cardholder data and provide long-term protection for your payment devices, applications and support infrastructure.

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End-To-End Data Security

Credit card data encryption takes place in our systems the moment the card is swiped at the payment device and protects it all the way to the processor.  Card-based tokenization protects the data transmission on return and post-processing.

Monitoring and Reporting Made Simple

Our array of easy-to-use and easy-to-understand monitoring and dashboard reporting help you more efficiently manage security. Remain vigilant and be proactive with tools that are tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise.