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Patient and Payment
Data Security

Total Confidentiality, Complete Security

Securing Patient Data at Every Touch Point

With Verifone, you can rely on innovative solutions that speed payments while completely safeguarding patient privacy. Designed to meet the most stringent industry requirements, our platforms feature the strongest, most sophisticated security protocols in the world.

  • Verifone solutions meet the standards for PCI DSS and PA-DSS
  • Relieves you of the burden of PCI compliance
  • VeriShield Total Protect end-to-end encryption makes sensitive data totally secure

Upping Patient Satisfaction

Verifone Healthcare Solutions bring faster patient identification and eligibility verification to enhance the patient experience - from the moment they enter your health care organization, until their care is complete.

Securing Peace of Mind

Verifone's industry-leading security platform offers virtually impenetrable protocols for the highest level of data security.

Leave the Burden to Us

Along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing payments and patient data are completely secure, Verifone shifts the burden of PCI compliance from your shoulder to ours. We help you stay compliant, removing the hassles of handling it yourself.