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Managed Services

Turnkey Services And Solutions

Remotely and securely manage key injection, using online and offline methods. Your payment devices will never have to leave their locations, decreasing downtime and the risk of fraud.

Software Integration

Simplify and streamline critical aspects of payment operations with Verifone’s software solutions for POS integration. From hardware and software integration to transaction management, Verifone’s software offers enhanced productivity and lower costs, while keeping you up to date with PCI requirements and the latest security regulations.

Scalable Services

Scalable and on-demand, Verifone’s Managed Services centrally manage all of part of your merchants’ payment transactions and configurations. Verifone's Managed Services creates a user-friendly environment to relieve acquirers of the complexity of managing it all on their own.

VX Direct

VX Direct offers a complete package of hardware and software for processing payment transactions and value-added services through Verifone’s groundbreaking Verix and VX Evolution line of devices. Part of a fully managed, hosted solution for maximum simplicity – VX Direct offers around-the-clock support, timely updates and the latest security features.