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US Payments Security Evolution and Strategic Road Map

Developed by the working groups of the Payments Security Taskforce, December 11, 2014 of which Verifone is a member, learn how to address card fraud threats.

The US payment card security landscape is presented with new challenges daily.

The U.S. electronic payment card security landscape is changing more quickly than ever before due, in part, to new and emerging payment and security technologies as well as increasingly sophisticated fraud methods. In order to ensure that the industry successfully addresses the threats of today while anticipating the challenges and opportunities of the future, the U.S. Payments Security Task Force (PST) was assembled in early 2014. The task force is comprised of leading U.S. issuers, acquirers, merchants, payment networks and other electronic payment participants. Members of the PST have collaborated on this paper in order to detail payment card fraud threats and to offer recommendations to the various industry participants on how to navigate the challenges of today and the near future.