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How to Ensure Mobile POS Success White Paper

Many retailers are using Mobile POS to their competitive advantage. Here's what you need to know to gain your own advantages.

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Mobile POS solutions are poised to reach 80% market penetration by 2014.

The amount of recent press and research dedicated to the adoption of mobility in retail is dizzying, in part because there are so many multi-disciplinary applications for mobile technology, and in part because so many of those applications are putting up big returns for early adopters. Much of this attention is focused on back office applications, and recently even more of it is focused on retail-related consumer mobile device and application adoption. Meanwhile, a handful of retailers are quietly enjoying significant benefits from another form of mobile technology – mobile POS. Mobile POS solutions are a significant contributor to a healthy market for POS adoption. IHL says POS spending grew 6.9% to $15.4 billion last year.