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Contact Verifone Support

Looking for Support? Use our Support Contacts on the right or visit our Support Web Site to receive the fastest response. If you are unable to resolve your technical issue, please complete the form below. 

PLEASE NOTE: Most merchants who use Verifone hardware and software are supported by their merchant processor or bank for credit/debit card processing. Verifone does not have access to your monthly statement or processing account, which is why we recommend contacting your merchant processing partner for first-line support. 


Many customers are supported by Verifone Partners and Resellers, and we encourage you to contact these organizations for first-line support.

Self-service Support Website:

Primary Support Helpdesk: 1-800-837-4366
9am-8pm, M-F, EST 

Petro/C-Store Support: 1-800-519-7225

GlobalBay Merchant's Helpdesk:

PAYware Mobile: 1-800-839-0947
24/7 support

Taxi Systems: 1-888-432-7031

Repair Status: 1-800-834-9133
Option 4, Option 2
8am-7pm, M-F, EST

PCCharge Technical Support:
8am-10pm Mon- Sat and Closed on Sunday

Advanced Product Support Group:
(PAYware Transact/RiTA & JCharge)
8am-6pm, M-F, EST